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Training & Monitoring Kits

The largest source of contamination in the cleanroom is from people entering, moving about, operating and cleaning. Controlling contamination from people related sources is achieved by training operators to follow validated procedures. How do you know a procedure is being followed and not contributing to contamination?

Ecolab Training & Monitoring kits can help you confirm that your operator’s competence and techniques are not adding to your contamination risk.

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The SMA OneTouch® Integrated Control System (ICS)

The SMA OneTouch® Integrated Control System (ICS) is a computerised, automated viable air monitoring system that controls calibrated, precise air sampling through individual or multiple SMA Atriums®.  SMA Atriums are stainless steel collection devices that direct air from the environment to impact onto a media plate.  The media plate is then evaluated to determine the amount of viable contamination in the air sample.

The SMA OneTouch ICS strictly regulates the air flow rate throughout a sample cycle.  The system automatically alarms the operator visually and audibly if the sample becomes compromised or is aborted.  In addition, the SMA OneTouch ICS continuously monitors the air flow rate while sampling and will alert the operator if the flow rate deviates from the established 1 CFM flow rate.

The SMA OneTouch ICS has a touchscreen interface that incorporates facility floor plans and SMA Atrium locations for sample monitoring.  User accounts have access levels which limit their access to specific functionality.

VAI also offers the SMA OneTouch ICS for Isolators.  This SMA OneTouch ICS configuration includes all the aforementioned benefits and provides secure sampling inside the isolator environment.

Product Uses

  • Program, start, abort, and monitor all sampling through integrated SMA Atriums
  • Monitors all sample parameters (e.g. sample volume, sample duration, and vacuum pump status)
  • Provides visual indication of all activity throughout the sampling process
  • Immediate audible and visual alarms will sound if the sample is compromised or aborted

Features and Benefits

  • Installation requires minimal tubing and wiring which simplifies installation into new and existing facilities
  • Can be integrated with existing facility monitoring and data collection systems using industry standard networking
  • Provides system-wide viable monitoring capabilities from a single interface
  • Can be remotely monitored using a variety of handheld, tablet, and computer-based devices
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