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Training & Monitoring Kits

The largest source of contamination in the cleanroom is from people entering, moving about, operating and cleaning. Controlling contamination from people related sources is achieved by training operators to follow validated procedures. How do you know a procedure is being followed and not contributing to contamination?

Ecolab Training & Monitoring kits can help you confirm that your operator’s competence and techniques are not adding to your contamination risk.

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3037940 - Klerkit Sterkit

Indicator swab system for accelerated detection of contamination on surfaces and equipment.

Visual indication of contamination

Sterikit combines the benefits of swabbing techniques with contact plate techniques, so gives a rapid visual indication of contamination with a simple colour change.

Improved sampling

Pre-moistened, sterile swab gives improved sampling from all surfaces and can be pressed hard against the surface to release organisms from any possible biofilm.

Easy to use

The long swab shaft allows easy access to difficult-to-reach areas, e.g. in corners and behind equipment, so Sterikit is ideal for checking the effectiveness of disinfecting routines.

Fast results

The Sterikit produces comparatively fast test results and requires no interpretation time, since any colour change is obvious within 24 hours.

Cost effective

The kit offers an economical method of testing compared with standard techniques and quick detection of contamination may prevent the loss of a pharmaceutical batch.

Quality assured

The components are irradiated within hours of production to guarantee sterility and optimise media recovery. Each media batch is tested for recovery of British Pharmacopoeia (BP) specified organisms.

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